A.S.A.I. Poster

A.S.A.I. Poster

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Actively Stand Against Injustice

AS An Inspiration ,The suggested price for this poster is £33, if you are able and willing to contribue more to support the charities- further pricing options are offered. 

AS An Idea ASAI presents for the first time, a photograph from the cover of the first edition of M International, produced in the form of an A2 poster, in an edition of 1000.

The models - Aaliyah, Imani, Blesnya and Elibeidy - are all wearing HOT WOK in the photograph. The poster features quotes from each of the models. All proceeds of the sales after the printing cost and a fee to the models will be donated to the chosen charities. 

Aaliyah Hydes 

"Fashion is not the place to ignore our differences, but to celebrate them."


"I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love." - Mother Teresa

Blesnya Minher 

"Regardless of the differences that might exist between you and others, always treat everyone the way you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes. You’ll never regret being kind."


"@jompeame battle poverty in the DR. They always share their amazing stories online and it's really inspiring... having food missing from your plate everyday is really hard and it happens too often here."

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420 x 594mm, on 170GSM gloss paper.

Delivered in a poster tube.

Ready to ship, estimated delivery 7+ working days.

The suggested price for this poster is £33, if you are able and willing to contribute more to support the charities- further pricing options are offered.

AS An Intention of offering this piece directly to customers is to donate all of the profit (after the cost of production and model fee for quote), to these charitable organisations: Association of Ethnic Minorities , Black Minds Matter, Doctors without Borders and Jopeame.  The latter two charities selected by Blesnya and Elibeidy.


AQEM, Association of Queer Ethnic Minorities

Black Minds Matter 

Doctors without Borders 


The photograph was taken by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, who I thank deeply for his generous support. And my thanks go to Anita Bitton, Charlotte Collet, Cyndia Harvey, Tanako Takase, who took part in creating this image.